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german immigration passenger lists

There are a few gaps in this list, but from my experience in researching German passenger lists, I have found that quite a few German settlers migrated from South Australia to Victoria and Queensland. The passenger lists themselves are available at our office via the online databases listed below. Free Passenger Lists. FamilySearch - Germany, Bremen Passenger Departure Lists, 1904-1914 FREE. Lists … German Immigrants to US Free Database - 1712-1933. Germans to America, 1850-1897 This immigration database includes more than 4 million Germans who arrived in the United States between 1850 and 1897 through the ports of Baltimore, Boston, New … Zimmerman, Gary J. and Marion Wolfert. Pennsylvania German Pioneers Passenger Lists Palatine German Immigrant Ships to Philadelphia 1727-1739. All Immigration … Immigrants to Pennsylvania 1680s-1726. Wuerttemberg, Germany Emigration Index Free Database - Prussian Emigrants before 1900. Baden, Germany … Ships' Passenger Lists . Return to the Main Page - Pennsylvania German … Information contained in this database about the crew members includes: name, birth year or age, birthplace, residence, and ship name. These are index cards, arranged alphabetically by place of last residence and then by surname, of German emigrants, based upon the Bremen Passenger Lists… ... official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants … This database is a collection of thousands of ship crew lists from Bremen, Germany. Some of the lists may have come from other sources such as the Pennsylvania Archives series or Rupp's A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants … The Pennsylvania State Archives maintains official ships' passenger lists on microfilm (Record Group-26), recording the arrival of Continental Europeans (chiefly German, Dutch, Swiss and French) at the Port of Philadelphia, 1727-1744, 1746-1756, 1761, 1763-1775, 1785-1808. Bremen, Germany Ships Crew Lists, 1815-1917. Canadian Border Crossings (1895-1956): Searching the Canadian Border Crossings Lists in One Step Canadian Passengers (1865-1935): Searching the Canadian Passenger Lists in One Step Germans to America (1850-1897): Searching the NARA Archival Germans … Bremen (Germany) - New York Passenger Lists - Search the Bremen Chamber of Commerce's database of passenger lists 1920-1939, of over 120,000 passengers. This website is a list of links to online transcriptions of some of the passenger lists in Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Ralph B. Strassburger and William J. Hinke. This Page: Pennsylvania German Pioneers - Ships to Philadelphia 1727-1739. The passenger list records were created by the U.S. Customs Service (Record Group 36), and the Immigration and Naturalization Service [INS] (Record Group 85). German Immigrants: Lists of Passengers … German Emigrant Data Base,covers 1820-1939, main source: New York passenger lists beginning in 1820, supplemented by material found in Germany, ($) Ancestors on Board: A Journey of Discovery; Americana in German Archives; U.S. and German passenger lists … See the complete list of passenger … The crew lists cover the years 1815-1917.

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