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The poinsettia has long been the unofficial flower of the holiday season. Also, relocate the poinsettia plant to a cool, dark area until spring or around April. After new growth has reached between 6 to 10 inches, pinch out the tips to encourage branching. Time to sneak the heating up a few notches. Photo: Keep your poinsettia away from radiators, as well as cold windows and draughts. Avoid keeping cool rooms. Give poinsettias the correct amount of light Poinsettias like a lot of light – but only during the day. Either way is fine. Check to see if your poinsettia's container has drainage holes. Just follow these simple rules: Light: Place your poinsettias in an area where they'll receive a minimum of six hours of bright (but not direct) sunlight each day. Here is keeping your poinsettia plants blooming happily year after year! Although they can cause a few discomforting issues when the leaves are consumed by pets or children, they are not quite as deadly as some believe. Then in fall, bring it indoors and give it 12 hours of absolute darkness (not even exposed to a night light!) For it to bloom again, a poinsettia requires 14 hours of complete darkness every night. Keep the soil moist but not soggy. Temperature: These plants prefer temperatures from 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and from 60 to 65 degrees at night. These finicky short-day plants require specific growing needs in order to retain their Christmas blooms. Poinsettia care is easy throughout the holidays. However, cold drafts, allowing the leaves to touch a cold window, or more importantly, lack of decent light, can injure the leaves and cause premature leaf drop. With the proper care, your holiday houseplants can last well into the new year. Check the moisture level of the soil where your poinsettia is growing each day. Once nights become longer in fall, bring the poinsettia indoors. With proper poinsettia plant care, they will give you many years of beauty. This can cause wilting in poinsettia plants. Poinsettia plants should be watered thoroughly, taking care not to drown them by ensuring adequate drainage is available. Poinsettia plants do best in bright indirect light but no direct sun. In order for the bracts to “bloom” – the poinsettia plant needs to be in a bit of darkness. They need a minimum temperature of 13-15°C (55-59°F). Provided the poinsettia plant is given the proper environmental conditions, it should begin to regrow within weeks. Before purchasing, shop for healthy-looking plants that have been kept away from drafts and excessive heat. Fertilizing poinsettia plants is never recommended while they’re still in bloom. To keep the poinsettia in bloom as long as possible, maintain a temperature of 65 to 75 F during the day. If you want to impress with a poinsettia yourself this year we can send to your nearest and dearest in over 100 countries worldwide. Now that you know how do you take care of poinsettias you can keep these lovely plants year round. But for most of the country, poinsettias are notoriously finicky about reblooming. Poinsettia care should begin immediately. However, with proper care, your holiday poinsettia should continue to put out blooms, or in the least remain attractive for weeks after. If you want to try, keep it in your sunniest window, maintain moisture, and place it outdoors after all risk of frost is past. How To Harvest The Garden To Get The Most From Your Crops! In order to have in time for Thanksgiving – you can start this process around October 1st. You can find some small watering cans with mister attachments in them. How to Care for a Poinsettia After Christmas. Taking care of your poinsettia With proper care, your poinsettia will last through the holiday season and right into late winter. Poinsettia plants perform best in temperatures that range from 65 to 80 degrees fahrenheit. If all else fails, the plant may need to be discarded. Once flower bracts have fallen, you have the option of discarding the plant or keeping it an additional year. Poinsettias enjoy room temperatures of between 16°C and 22°C. The post How to Care For Your Poinsettia After the Holidays appeared first on Reader's Digest. So here's how to care for your ponsettia. on How To Harvest The Garden To Get The Most From Your Crops! Do not overdo the misting where the leaves are dripping wet. Likewise, avoid letting them sit in water-filled saucers, which can lead to root rot. As a rule of thumb, a poinsettia will require 1 or 2 tablespoons of fertiliser. However,  it is actually a perennial, and with a bit of basic care, can easily be kept year after year. Use the poinsettia in two layers: one cut so the leaves just skim the table, with others on a longer stem, standing proud, and scatter only silver things in between. As soon as you’ve made the decision to rescue your leftover poinsettia, relocate it to a well-lit spot inside your home. on Keeping Sweat Bees Away! The more faded or curled the top leaves are at the time of purchase, the less time it has left to stay in full color. Like 14 hours of day darkness about 6 weeks in the fall. Make sure to thoroughly soak it each time. It is all part of the perennial’s natural cycle. Although many people think it’s time to say goodbye to their plants once the bracts start to fade, you can - with care - keep your poinsettia year round and watch it bloom in time for many Christmases to come. Poinsettia Care After Christmas. Yes, they can make them sick to their stomach – but the symptom’s do not escalate. Plants can be planted into the ground, but you will need to dig them back up in late summer. But with just a bit of care, they can easily be kept from year to year. Dropping the temperature to about 60 F at night will not hurt the plant. The showy colorful leaves are perfect for decorating interiors with big bursts of color. Most plants will hold their bracts and color well into late January and even February. You should water your poinsettia plant when the soil is noticeably dry. Poinsettias need bright, but filtered light, away from strong sun and draughts. Therefore, move the poinsettia to a location where it will not receive any nighttime light or cover it with a box. Cut back all canes (branches) to about 6 inches from the pot’s rim. How To Repel Sweat Bees. With a few simple poinsettia care tips, its easy to keep these classic holiday plants looking fantastic year after year! However, don’t let it dry out completely. It will need watering at least once a week over summer (more often in pots, or when it’s very hot and dry). Poinsettias should be watered whenever the soil surface feels dry to the touch. How do you take care of poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima)? Place your poinsettia where it can get at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. Poinsettia plants should be watered thoroughly, taking care not to drown them by ensuring adequate drainage is available. Apply fertilizer every two weeks or once monthly using a complete houseplant fertilizer. Poinsettia Care After The Holiday Season. Look for plants with healthy, dark green foliage. Once the plant begins to fade, cut the foliage back to around three to four inches above the soil line. How To Melt Snow And Ice Safely – Avoid Damaging Plants, Lawns & Pets. To maintain your poinsettia bloom, keep temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This keeps roots from becoming water-logged, which can be deadly to poinsettia plants. If you want your plant to “bloom” throughout the holiday season, be sure to select a plant with bracts that are fresh and bold. Poinsettia care begins with proper light, water, and temperature conditions. Place it somewhere where it will receive at least 6 hours of light daily and keep it away from anything cold, like a window or window sill. Sign up for our newsletter. Bracts are a showy set of leaves that form on top of the dark green foliage of a poinsettia. For best results, keep your poinsettia in a warm room and mist it daily. Perhaps more like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree than a healthy poinsettia plant – but all is well. Usually once in late April, and again around mid-August will work fine. Poinsettias are members of the Euphorbia family and should not be over- watered. Fertilize poinsettias only if keeping them after the holiday season. When you first bring home your poinsettia plant, check its soil every couple of days to establish how frequently you’ll need to water. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Once the top inch of the soil is dry, it’s time to provide the plant with some more water. The most effective way to look after it is to water frequently but with not much quantity whilst the plant is in vegetative growth. Be careful when transporting poinsettias from the shop to your home in the winter, as the cold outdoor temperatures can damage the foliage. You will want to prune back your poinsettia plant a few times to keep the growth bushy and strong. Touch the soil and make sure it is neither too wet or overly dry. Play close attention to the following tips: Place in a room where there is bright natural light but not where the sun will shine directly on the plant. Poinsettia plants can survive the winter near a window that can give them at least 6 hours of light a day. In order to encourage blooming, poinsettia plants require long periods of darkness at night (about 12 hours). A light misting can refresh the foliage and keep the plant healthy. Cover your poinsettia plant every night or move it to a dark cupboard overnight. And in spite of being mislabeled as a deadly plant to children and pets, (more on that at the end of the article), they really are the perfect holiday plant for bringing big color inside the home. While most people purchase poinsettias for there attractive Christmas display, they are perennial plants and can be kept all year round, in the hopes that they will flower again the following winter. Although it is a succulent, poinsettia does like a reasonable amount of moisture. Keep the plant in a cool, draft-free area and provide plenty of water. A poinsettia doesn’t need to be just for Christmas. Carefully. Cover overnight. With care, poinsettias should retain their beauty for weeks and some varieties will stay attractive for months. Poinsettia care begins with proper light, water, and temperature conditions. While poinsettias can be kept indoors throughout summer, many people choose to move them outdoors in a sunny, but protected, area of the flower garden by sinking the pot into the ground. Environmental factors such as warm, dry conditions are most often the reason for leaf drop. How To Repel Sweat Bees. During the holidays, while in full bloom, they typically enjoy semi-cool, humid locations in bright, indirect light with plenty of moisture. Settings with bright, filtered sunlight, like an east or west-facing window or … How To Prepare For Starting Seeds Indoors – Get Ready Now To Grow! Watering and room temperature. And taking care of them properly will yield and maintain lively, colorful leaves. Especially when it comes to cats and dogs, and small children. For more holiday plant care tips – check out how to keep living Christmas trees alive and well :  Living Christmas Tree Care. We publish two articles every week, 52 weeks a year. A little later if you want perfect for Christmas time. Although not a true bloom – it is these bracts that give the poinsettia plant its beautiful color. How To Care for a Poinsettia Once home, unwrap your poinsettia and place in indirect sunlight. For many, it is far easier to keep in pots to keep them mobile. each night. The lower night temperatures help the poinsettias keep their … Reduce frequency as the weather cools, but don’t let it dry out completely. Environment. Expose the plant to indirect sunlight during the daytime, where it can enjoy the light but not get sunburnt. Take care not to give your new plants a cold ride home if you are in an area with a chilly climate. Watering and room temperature. Although red-blooming varieties are by far the most popular, they can also be found in a vast array of blooming colors ranging from white, to yellow, pink, salmon, orange and more. Unwrap your poinsettia carefully and place in indirect light. Poinsettias are in full bloom when you buy them, but few ever bloom again. How to Care for Your Poinsettia Plant . For those choosing to continue with poinsettia care, decrease regular watering to allow the plant to dry out some. During the holiday season, there are really only two things you need to worry about when it comes to poinsettia care. If you’ve taken care to keep your poinsettia in a nice, warm sunny window (free of drafts) thus far, you’re halfway there. After Christmas poinsettia care begins with suitable growing conditions. holiday poinsettia should continue to put out blooms, Poinsettia Care Following Christmas: What To Do With Poinsettias After Holidays, Types Of Poinsettia Plants: Choosing Different Poinsettia Varieties, Transplanting Poinsettia Plants: Can You Transplant Poinsettias Outside, Decorating With Plants – How Plants Can Transform A Space, Winter Orchid Requirements: Growing Orchids During Winter, Indoor Plant Problems: Mistakes People Make With Houseplants, Repotting Houseplants: How To Repot A Houseplant, Flowers On Christmas Cacti: How To Make A Christmas Cactus Bloom, Christmas Tree Care: Caring For A Live Christmas Tree In Your Home, How To Make Poinsettia Turn Red – Make A Poinsettia Rebloom, Winter Planning Process – Make To-Do Lists Happen, Fake Tree For The Holidays And Why I Love it, What Is The Winter Solstice: First Day Of Winter History, Fresh-Cut Pine Tree Smell: Perfect Christmas Tree Memories. As mid-January and February roll around, even the best-kept poinsettia plants will begin to fade. They are not difficult to care for during the Year, but it is a challenge to get them to flower again next Winter Regarding the soil, the Poinsettia shouldn't be in a puddle. Adding plants nearby can help increase humidity levels in dry rooms, as will humidifiers. The water needs to be able to drain from the container because if the poinsettia sits in excess water, it will suffocate the roots. Don’t be alarmed, your plant will not look very healthy at this point. The true poinsettia flowers are small, greenish-yellow and clustered together in the centre of the rosette of brightly coloured bracts. Bartram introduced the poinsettia flower to the Philadelphia Flower Show. Many think of the poinsettia as an annual, and toss it to the curb after each holiday season. This can be done by placing in a closet or completely dark area early each evening, and then bringing back out in the morning to receive light from a window. So in the case of a poinsettia plant, those pops of colors are actually leaves. When spring arrives, you can move your plant to the great outdoors. It may also be a good idea to repot the poinsettia using the same type of soil. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. After you have made your poinsettia selection, make sure it is wrapped properly because exposure to low temperatures even for a few minutes can damage the bracts and leaves. Poinsettia plants perform best in temperatures that range from 65 to 80 degrees fahrenheit. It’s important to pinpoint the possible cause in the event that your poinsettia plant leaves are falling off, as in some cases, this can be easily fixed. Take care of it well and it can keep things a little Christmassy all year round with its festive color. Warmer days (65-70 F./18-21 C.) and cooler nights (55-60 F./13-16 C.) are also recommended. Make sure to protect them from dramatic temperature drops as this will cause their leaves to prematurely wilt. A little bit of all-purpose fertilizer at each pruning will help the plants develop strong foliage and bracts. If you place your poinsettia close to a window, be sure none of the leaves touch the glass or the cold will damage them. Fertilise the poinsettia once a month after you’ve pruned it. Keep watering the plant until the moisture drips from the drainage holes in the bottom of its container. During the holidays, while in full bloom, they typically enjoy semi-cool, humid locations in bright, indirect light with plenty of moisture. The best way to water the plant is to move it, pot and all, to the sink and soak it thoroughly. Poinsettia plant care is relatively easy. Allow plenty of light during the day so the plant can absorb enough energy for flowering. Here are some tips to help you care for your Winter Rose poinsettia. Provide semi-cool, humid locations in bright, indirect light with plenty of moisture once blooming occurs. Poinsettia was sold as a cut flower until the early 1900s when Ecke Family Growers in … Stress can also be a factor. The “blooms” of poinsettia plant are actually called bracts. It should receive at … From about September through November light becomes crucial in poinsettia plant care. These can make worthy investments to take care of poinsettias. Sign up below to receive them free each week via email, and be sure to follow us on Facebook This article may contain affiliate links. During the holiday season, there are really only two things you need to worry about when it comes to poinsettia care. Place the plant near a window, and within a few weeks, you will see new growth begin to appear. Water the plant when the soil feels dry, and be sure to water deeply. In spring, return the plant to a sunny area and water well. on Eliminating Fruit Flies – How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In The Kitchen, Winter Bird Feeding – How To Help Birds Survive Winter, Growing Cranberries – How Cranberries Are Grown And Harvested, Keeping Sweat Bees Away! This Is My Garden is a garden website created by gardeners – for gardeners! 5. As with most house plants, too much water is more detrimental than too little. The poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) you bought for Christmas last year is probably now a small green shrub … and will remain a small green shrub if you don’t do something about it.Most poinsettias look something like this at the end of September: plenty of green leaves, but not a flower in … Cultivation notes. This can be done once a month until the middle of August. It's OK … Eliminating Fruit Flies – How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In The Kitchen. Misting once a day would often be sufficient for a healthy poinsettia plant. For a long time, poinsettia plants have been given a bit of an unfair rap as a poisonous and deadly plant.

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