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ornamental plants list

NEW Typha angustifolia- Narrowleaf Cattail- 4'-5', native, narrow leaves and narrow cattails. Red Banaba. Very clean, very blue, very reliable, N Aster Dream of Beauty- 12"-15", fall blooming, soft pink flowers, NEW Aster tall purple                                                    ¥   ASTILBE HYBRIDS, Astilbe ‘Hennie Graafland’ -12" ht., very late, deep shell pink bright pink, ¥ Astilbe ‘Purple Candles’3'-31/2', very upright violet purple flowers in summer. Salvia officionalis -Sage, pungent grey leaves, Santolina incana-Lavender Cotton-silver leaves, yellow flowers, Tarragon-French Tarragon-essential culinary herb, Thyme- Common, Creeping,Elfin, Gold-edge Lemon, Lavender, Wooly, Arundo donax- Giant Reed Grass, 10'-15', broad corn like leaves, good fast scree, Blue Fescue ‘Silver Lining’- 1', our own selection named for us by Ellen Talmage,extremely bright silver leaves, Calamagrostis brachytricha- Korean Feather Reed Grass,2'-3', large, puffy fall blooms, Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’-Feather Reed Grass-2 ½’ foliage,4-5’ upright, aristocratic flowers, Carex grayii- Morningstar Sedge, 2'1/2'-3', architectural rheads/seedpods, arching green leaves, Carex glauca- Carnation Grass, 6"-12", blue evergreen leaves, groundcover, tolerates dry conditions. Tricyrtis ‘Miyozaki Hybrids’-Toadlily-2-3’ arching stems, moist shade, purple speckled orchid-like fall flowers. It becomes more bushy as it gets more sun, but it can also survive in partial shade. ), slowly growing to 15", the most silvery of all Lavenders, Lavender vera ‘Munstead’-English Lavender-fragrant foliage and flowers, Lemon Verbena- delightful fragrance, for salads, dressing, fish, ice cream/sorbet, Myrtis communis- Dwarf Myrtle, 12"-18", not cold hardy, adorable little tree, great Bonsai subject, Nepeta musini-Catmint-1’, blue flowers, grey leaves, Oreganum aureum- Golden Oregano, fast spreading groundcover, golden foliage, great flavor, Oregoan Herrenhausen- Ornamental Oregano, purple flowers in summer, pollinator atractive, deer resistant, Rosemary officionalis-Rosemary-deep green leaves, aromatic, tender. Caryopteris ‘Worchester Gold’-2'-3', Golden yellow leaves, blue fall blooms, NEW Cornus Golden Shadows- Pagoda Dogwood , golden variegated foliage, horizontal branching habit, NEW Clematis Happy Jack- Jackmannii hybrid, profuse purple flowers over a long period through the summer. If you’ve been looking for the answer to Ornamental plant with leaves relished by slugs, we’re happy to share that you can find it here with us. Yellow Bignonia. Take a look below for a list of edible ornamental plants you may already be growing in your yard! Lespedeza-Pink Fountains, 4'-5', pink/magenta flowers late summer/fall, arching habit,glorious in the fall. NEW Po-Po- a tiny treasure, soft grey leaves 4"-6" ht. deer resistant, NEWAquilegia caerulea Origami mix- 12"-15", early blooming, deer resistant, NEW Aquilegia Nora Barlow- 15"-18", charming, unusual heirloom variety, green/white/pink double flowers, NEWAquilegia vulgaris Winky mix- 18"- 24", sturdy upright flowers, deer resistant, N ¥ Artemesia- Tangerine Southernwood- grey green smokey foliage, 3'x3', pungent deer repellent. Maiden Grass ‘Adagio’-dwarf  Maiden Grass, 3'-4', Miscanthus ‘Cabaret’- 5'-6', bold, bright white center stripe on wide leaf blades, stunning, Miscanthus ‘Little Kitten’- 1'-2', diminutive Maiden Grass, narrow leaves, very cute, Miscanthus ‘Mysterious Maiden’- 6'-7', our new patented introduction,, narrow leaves, lovely horizontal gold variegation, Miscanthus purpurescens- Flame Grass- 3'-4', upright grower, midsummer the foliage takes on purple/orange highlights, NEW Miscanthus 'Very Zebra'- our new selection, 5'-6' , compact and loaded with zebra striping, Panicum ‘Dallas Blues’- 6'- 7', wide blue arching leaves, graceful vase shape, great new variety, N ¥ NEW Panicum Dewey Blue-2'-3' upright beach grass, blue/grey leaves, spreads stoloniferously, good bluff binder, Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’- 4'-5' upright grower, blue/green foliage, hazy pink summer bloom, N Schizacharium scoparius- Little Bluestem- 2'-3' from our native stock plants, stands resolutely upright all winter, brilliant tawny orange fall/winter color. … Leucanthemum (Chrysanthemum)‘Phyllis Smith’- 15"-18", fringed flowers, very showy white daisy, compact and sturdy, ¥ Lewesia ‘Little Plum’- Bitteroot, 4"-6", native succulent, rose/purple flowers, sun, good drainage, evergreen. These plants remove volatile organic compounds from the indoor environment such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene.  Many houseplants can remove tobacco smoke from indoors too. Carolina yellow jasmine is another fragrant plant, and it is drought tolerant. ROSES. Good cut flower. Deer resistant  Named after famous trailblazer Merriweather Lewis. LATELY WE'VE BEEN FOCUSSED ON DEER RESISTANT PLANTS. fading to white, 1’, sun/pt.shade. Hostas are adored by gardeners from zone 3 through zone 9 as an easy, adaptable perennial. Kroussa Regale-2’-2'1/2' ht., grey lvs., 4-5’ flower stalk, a unique variety. THE LIST OF PLANTS WE  GROW INCLUDES  MANY UNCOMMON AND HARD TO FIND VARIETIES. Salvia elegans-Pineapple Sage-4-5’, aromatic lvs., red fall fl. NEW Schizophragma hydrangiodes Moonlight - Japanese Climbing Hydrangea. flowers. N Asclepias incarnata Cinderella- 21/2'-3', Swamp Butterfly Weed, pink fragrant summer blooms, loved by butterflies and gardeners, N Asclepias incarnata Ice Ballet- same as above but white flowered, N Asclepias tuberosa- Orange Butterfly Weed, 18"-24", orange, sometimes yellow summer flowers, deer resistant, seashore tolerant, N Aster 'Bluebird'- 3'-31/2', small blue daisylike flowers with golden eye, fall blooming, an Aster that retains its lower foliage. hemerocallis- daylily hybrids. According to NASA, you just need 18 plants to purify the air in a 1,800 square feet space! NEW Night Before Christmas- 18"x36", deep green leaves, bold white centers. Joylene Nichole-15"-18", large rich pink ,piecrust edges, mid/late extended bloom, Popularity Poll daylily. Blonde Elf- 6"-8" wavy gold leaves, fast grower, good low edger, Blue Angel- 3'x3', immense blue/grey leaves, a giant Hosta, Blue Mouse Ears- 8"-12", cute small Hosta with round blue/grey leaves of heavy texture, Blue Harpoons- 18"-24", our exclusive variety, narrow bright blue/silver leaves atop long stems, our own hybrid. In a vertical garden, we can grow a wide range of plants; some are edible, some strictly for beautifying purposes, while some are for both. However, ornamental plants also serve some less obvious uses such as for fragrance, for attracting wildlife and for cleaning the air.1 Ornamentals encompass a wide array of plants and are classified into several groups: cutflowers, ornamental grasses, lawn or turf grasses, potted and indoor plants, bedding plants, trees and shrubs. These are beautiful trees can be grown in the landscape of homes and gardens. PLEASE ENJOY YOUR EXCURSION THROUGH THE LIST.WE ARE ADDING NEW PHOTOS ALL THE TIME. NEW Sunsparkler Hybrids- compact low growers, purple, grey, or variegated foliage. NEWSalvia leucantha- Mexican Sage-21/2'-3', borderline hardy, fuzzy grey green leaves, purple/blue flowers in autumn, stunning for borders or planters, ¥ Salvia lyrata Purple Knockout-  biennial, 15", purple foliage, light purle summer flowers, Athoum-groundcover, small round glossy leaves, brilliant red fall color, Autumn Joy-18"-24", brick red flowers in fall, blue/green foliage, superlative, Bertram Anderson-12"-15", low growing dusty purple leaves, pink flowers. There are many varieties of ornamental trees, they just don’t provide any fruits, but just give us attractive foliage and blooms. Purple-blue flowers are in racemes. Calathea. Find here details of companies selling Ornamental Plants, for your purchase requirements. heuchera. NEW Tricyrtis bakeri- 2-21/2', yellow speckled flowers mid-late summer, quite rare and sweet. H1a tropical: heated greenhouse; more than 15C H4 hardy: average winter; -10°C to -5°C Key to hardiness ratings H1a tropical: heated greenhouse; more than 15C H4 hardy: average winter; -10°C to … NEWSarcococca confusa- Chinese Sweet Box- 2'-3', small slow growing shrub, glossy evergreen leaves, white fragrant flowers in March/April, loves shade, deer resistant, rare. So there’s my list of 12 beautiful ornamental vegetables to plant in your garden. Here in North Carolina, hosta is wildly popular with ornamental gardeners, but the majority that I’ve met had no idea that it’s a … This page has the following sub pages. Joan Senior- 18"-24", white flowers mid season. Venusta-miniature, 4-6" mounds, free flowering, smallest of the small. appeal. #1. Geranium Reynardi 'Tschelda'-6"-8"-grey/green felted leaves, blue spring flowers, dense spreading groundcover, deer resistant. Stained Glass- sport of Guacamole, 15"-18", huge bright gold leaves with dark green borders, sweetly fragrant flowers. Graceful arching habit, velvety golden foliage. The ornamental plants strike a balance between birds and insects. 1. Ornamental Garden Plants Services - GANGA NURSERY providing services of Exotic Ornamental Plants, indian Services, Ornamental Garden Plants Service Company, Online Exotic Ornamental Plants services, Ornamental Garden Plants services from india, Ornamental Garden Plants, Exotic Ornamental Plants, Some ornamental plants bring a natural vibe to an aquarium, are flavouring agents in many recipes, used as cosmetic and for stress-relief. Large pink trumpet flowers in summer, waters edge or moist garden soil. There are many reasons to plant edible ornamentals. NEW Moonlight Spoon- a seedling selected and named by Skip Wachsberger, 18"-24", broad gold variegated leaves. Sempervivum hybrids-Hens & Chicks-assorted evergreen varieties, dry sun/dry shade, NEW Solidago luteus, Goldenrod/Aster Hybrid, 2'-21/2', tiny soft yellow daisy flowers, deer resistant, summer bloom, N Solidago- Seashore Goldenrod- 21/2'-3', late summer/fall flowers. Propagate via side-shoot cuttings. Plant an American wisteria in full sun or partial shade with regular watering. ORNAMENTAL GRASSES. Stachys’Helene von Stein’-Lamb’s Ears-large, soft, wooly leaves, silver-grey, fun to touch. Song of Korea. These are various pictures of ornamental plants that are grown in the Philippines. Stipa tenuissima- Mexican Feather Grass- 12-15", thin foliage, graceful arching habit, sun/dry. Variegated St. Augustine Grass- 6"-12", pink/cream/white/green leaves, groundcover, NOT HARDY, for pots and planters, Zebra Grass ‘Puentschken’-dwarf -3’-4' Zebra Grass, N Aesculus parviflora- Bottlebrush Buckeye,8'-10', large shrub in Horsechestnut family, white summer flower spikes, chestnut-like fall fruits, ( Buckeyes), NEW Akebia quinata-10'-12' vine for sun or shade, glossy five part foliage, sweet scented spring flowers, NEWAronia Brilliantissima- Chokeberry, white flowers,glossy leaves, red fall foliage, edible and vitamin rich red berries, NEW Aronia McKenzie- 6'-8', Chokeberry, similar to above except black berries, Aucuba japonica - 5-6' broad-leaved evergreen, gold splashed leaves, prefers shade, tropical appearance, Buddlea ‘Black Knight’- 8'-10' ,deep purple summer flowers, Buddlea ‘Ellen’s Blue’- bluest of the Butterfy Bush flowers, Buddlea Inspired Pink, 5'-6', medium large Butterfly Bush, soft pink flowers all summer, sterile so no seedlings, Buddlea Inspired White- same as above, slightly taller at 6'-8', large, clean white flowers, NEWBuddlea Flutterby 'Tutti Frutti Pink'- hybridized at Cornell,  2'-21/2', compact and free flowering, non-seeding, NEWBuddlea 'Miss Molly'- dark red flowers, compact at 4'-5', Buddlea ‘Pink Delight’-huge, bright pink flowers, Buxus Winter Gem- Korean Boxwood, evergreen, deer resistant, relatively fast growing Boxwood, NEW Calocedrus decurrens- Incense Cedar, deep dark green foliage, 20'-40', deer resistant rare and gorgeous evergreen, NEW Callicarpa dichotoma- Purple Beautyberry- 3'-5', long, slender, arching  branches covered in fall with astounding, tiny bright purple berries, NEW Calycanthus Aphrodite- Sweetshrub, 5'-6' ht. PERENNIALS (subsets) astilbe hybrids. Elamagrostis spectabilis- Purple Lovegrass, Equisetum scirpiodes-Miniature Horsetail-dry/moist, sun/shade, prehistoric groundcover, Erianthus ravennae- Ravine Grass, arching 4' foliage, 10'-15' flower stalks, our logo plant. Written by Mary Jane. w/dark edges, 12-15" ht., pink fl. Abaca grows 20 feet tall and is tolerant of salt water. Native of the Mediterranean, lavender is great for adorning walkways and borders. NEW Invincibelle Spirit II- huge pink flowers, strong stems to hold the flowers upright, , blooms on new wood, ($1.00 of each plant sold to nurseries is donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.) Mail-order and retail nursery that offers many rare and unusual hardy plants including rhododendrons, azaleas, native plants, trees, shrubs, dogwoods, magnolias, conifers, Japanese maples, variegated plants, shade plants and deer-resistant plants. This plant is related to the banana plant and has a similar appearance with giant banana plant shaped leaves. NEW Scirpus zebrinus- Zebra Striped Scouring Rush, 2'-3', upright  green and white striped cylindrical leaves. Adelfa. EVENTUALLY WE'D LIKE TO HAVE A PICTURE OF EVERY VARIETY WE GROW. Photo uplifted from: Gardenista. Their lush, full foliage is their primary feature. List of Ornamental Plants Companies in Thailand . N¥ NEWAquilegia canadensis Little Lanterns- Eastern Columbine, native, 8"-12", compact plant with nodding scarlet and yellow flowers in late spring, deer resistant, NEWAquilegia flabellata Alba-  8"- 12", blue green foliage, white flowers, dwarf, and neat. Coreopsis verticillata 'Zagreb’-deep yellow flowers, dark, compact grren foliage, NCoreopsis tripteris-5’, soft yellow single flowers, native. ¥NEW N Aquilegia canadensis-'Blue Star', Columbine, 15"-18", blue and white spring flowers, longlasting blooms, native and deer resistant, prefers shade, well drained, will reseed and colonize when happy. Some maple and dogwood varieties, as well as low-growing deciduous conifers such as holly and juniper, are considered to … Phlox paniculata-‘Superphlox’-white flowers, absolutely mildew proof, our own discovery, we're building our stock back up again after accidentally nearly selling the last plant. Species not yet assessed which may have the potential to become invasive in the future can then be more easily avoided. Suppliers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Importer. Hakonechloa macra aureola-Japanese Golden Grass-  18"-24", 2009 Perennial of the Year, golden variegated groundcover, part shade. These plants usually have pest-repellant properties and thus, they prevent the pests from spreading. The American wisteria plant, Wisteria frutescens, is a fragrant vine with 1 to 3 inch leaves and a length of up to 50 feet. Platcodon Grandiflora- Balloonflower, 21/2-31/2', Large blue all summer flowers, rugged perennial, long-lived, but protect from deer, NEW Polygonatum humile- Dwarf Solomon's Seal, 8"-12", dark green spreading foliage, tiny arching white blooms in spring, NEW Polygonatum variegatum- Variegated Solomon's Seal- 2'-21/2', graceful arching stems with white edged leaves, green tipped white bell flowers in spring, deer resistant, slowly spreading to colonize shady locations, ¥ Potentilla nepalensis ‘Ron McBeath’- 1', magenta/red summer blooms, large fuzzy leaves, ¥ Pulsatilla vulgaris ‘Heiler Hybrids’- Pasque Flower, 1', mixed colors, ferny foliage, N ¥Pycnanthemum flexuosum- Mountain Mint- 15"-18", fragrant foliage, fragrant white flowers late summer/fall, deer resistant native, ¥-Pyncanthemum muticum- Short-toothed Mt. Plants like a spider plant, rubber plant and peace lily are easy to maintain yet very powerful to remove the toxic compounds from your home. These plants will make your house filled with natural life. Ferns are vascular plants that reproduce by spores rather than seed. herbs. NEW Pineapple Upside Down Cake- 18"-24" ht by 3"-4" wide, long, rippled, narrow green leaves changing to gold centers with green margin. N Chasmantium latifolium- Northern Sea Oats- 2'-3', sun or part shade, upright form, delightful fall seedheads, great for dried arrangements, seashore tolerant. Silver nerve plant is one of the best evergreen ornamental garden plants with deep green leaves that have delicately veined leaves running throughout. Carex 'Ice Dance', 12"-15" shiny arching leaves, variegated, slow spreader, graceful and charming. Pruneleaf Azalea Read this article to know all about ornamental trees for landscaping. Lemon lily- species daylily, earliest to bloom, in May, fragrant yellow, Little Purple Pal- 15"-18", small purple flowers early-midseason, Mary Todd-21/2'-3' huge, rich yellow tetraploid flowers, massive stems and buds, Pale purple bicolor- light purple alternating with lemon ices yellow flower petals, late bloomer, Pineapple Parachute- 24"-36", huge tetraploid, pineapple ice flowers, NEW Pumpkin Pie- 24"-36", brilliant orange flowers in great profusion midsummer, Razzamatazz-18"-24", profuse purple flowers, rebloomer, compact habit, Red Surprise- 24"-36", profuse dark red flowers all summer, Red Zeppelin-24"-36", large substantial, recurved dark red, our own variety, Spider Miracle- immense 5" yellow recurved spider lily, striking, Stella D’Oro-15"-18", everblooming golden dwarf, the champion rebloomer, Strutter’s Ball-21/2'-3', unique purple with indescribable bluish undertones, Heuchera ‘Autumn Bride’- white clouds of flowers in late summer/fall, large maple like leaves, burgundy fall foliage. For instance, bulb flowers such as tulips , daffodils, irises, hyacinths and day lilies provide a variety of color in spring and summer. Hansa- (Rugosa 1905)- rich double flowers with lovely Rugosa fragrance, large grower.

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